Welcome Baby Lourdes

My mom made this Guadalupe blanket for my daughter Fatimah when she was a baby- it's one of the few things I saved from her days as a baby that I can use for baby Lourdes- who was born exactly 9 years later- my mom makes the best blankets and burp cloths I've ever used, if you ever wondered where I get my craftiness from, it's from my mother and my grandmother who keep their hands busy making beautiful things.


I'm so excited to welcome our new baby, who arrived just in time to crash her sister's birthday on July 10th. I feel like I need to consult with a numerologist about the significance of those numbers 7-10, the date that both of my daughters were born, albeit 9 years apart. On the day I went into labor my daughter and her daddy were going to attend a Dodger's game with her Girl Scout troop. She ended up gong with another troop mom, but luckily we had spent time celebrating her the day before as well as in June when we threw her an early birthday party. Here she is on her birthday at Dodger's stadium while I was at home in labor!

After 9+ months of carrying my baby girl in my womb it feels so great to finally meet her and have her in our home where we can all enjoy her sweet expressions and delicious babyness. She is 9 days old today and the time we have spent at home bonding has been divine. It is bliss to feel so much love between us, the power of family is definitely a biological imperative but undeniably it is felt in the heart.  

We are no longer a family of three which is strange, but familiar all at once. I had no idea how I was going to be able to love another person the way I love my daughter, but the heart expands and love is limitless- it flows so abundantly-what a lesson to learn in this lifetime- if it would be the only lesson, it would be enough